Carnegie Mellon University
February 03, 2014

Bertucci Fellowships Awarded

Bertucci Fellowships Awarded
Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT) recently awarded John and Claire Bertucci Fellowship to three CEE students. The Bertucci Fellowships are awarded to accomplished graduate students who are pursuing doctoral degrees, have passed their PhD qualifying exams and have been admitted to PhD candidacy. The fellowships provide financial support towards their studies and research. 

Suman Giri studies energy consumption data from various home appliances, and uses this information to allow the consumer or power supplier to make informed decisions about power usage and/or distribution. His research focuses on creating models for appliance behavior based on data collected from the aggregate circuit-level; this, consequently, can be used in calculating energy consumption of such appliances. Suman is advised by Assistant Professor Mario Berges. 

Jason Marshall works on developing a faster method with less restrictive assumptions than currently available to simulate atomistic defects in electronic materials.  An initial method was recently published and work is ongoing to improve the method. Jason is advised by Associate Professor Kaushik Dayal. 

Sheryl (Xue) Yang studies how to use digital building information models (BIMs) to help heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanics rapidly diagnose and fix problems. Yang’s goal is to extract specific pieces of information from a building’s BIM and present that information to facilities managers in an intuitive way to help them quickly resolve occupant complaints. Sheryl is advised by Semiha Ergan. 

Congratulations Suman, Jason and Sheryl on receiving these prestigious and competitive fellowships!