Carnegie Mellon University
October 02, 2013

Marshall Wins at ARL 2013 Summer Student Symposium

Marshall Wins at ARL 2013 Summer Student Symposium

Recently, PhD candidate, Jason Marshall was awarded third place in the 2013 U.S. Army Research Laboratory Summer Student Symposium: Graduate Student Division held at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The annual event is a program focusing on undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in technical fields with participation in various summer research activities. The symposium recognizes exceptional achievements made by students and their mentors.  

Jason’s presentation, entitled Analysis of Atomistic Defects in Materials with Complex Lattices using Non-Local Quasicontinuum Method, discussed a newly developed method for the multiscale analysis of materials.  This method enables the atomistic simulation of new classes of materials subject to various loads, including lightweight alloys used in advanced turbine blades and solid electrolytes used in next generation solid oxide fuel cells.  

The purpose of the ARL summer student symposium is to cultivate tomorrow's leaders in science and technology. The program enables students learning how to conduct, present and defend their research in an ethical manner. It also provides opportunity for ARL researchers to assess the technical proficiency of the student workforce.

Jason Marshall is advised by Assistant Professor Kaushik Dayal.