Carnegie Mellon University
November 27, 2013

2013 Fenves Travel Grants Announced

2013 Fenves Travel Grants Announced
The Steven J. Fenves Travel Grant was created to provide graduate students the opportunity to travel to professional conferences in order to present a paper discussing their research. This spring three awards were given to CEE students:
Yuxin Wang will be traveling to Bethlehem, PA to present her research at the 2014 Pennsylvania Section of the American Water Works Association Annual Conference in May. Her talk, entitled, “The Effect of Sampling Strategies on Assessment of Water Quality Criteria Attainment”, will discuss the results of her study that looks at the varying methods and collection sites for collecting drinking water samples. The study suggests that water sampling at river locations and drinking water plant intakes may produce different water quality results.  The study further concludes that water sampling should be taken at drinking water intakes for drinking water compliance. Yuxin is advised by Professor VanBriesen. 

Matineh Eybpoosh will be attending the SPIE Smart Structures/NDE Conference in San Diego, CA in March to present a paper titled “Toward Characterization of the Effects of Environmental and Operational Conditions (EOC) on Diffuse-field Ultrasonic Guided-waves in Pipes.” The paper discusses her preliminary work that addresses the main challenges in real-world application of non-destructive evaluation of pipelines using guided-waves. Matineh uses simulated, laboratory and field data to understand the effects of EOCs on ultrasonic waves in pipes. The results of this research will provide a novel foundation for improving automated monitoring of pipelines. She is advised by Assistant Professor Berges and Assistant Professor Noh. 

Argha Namhata will be presenting a poster titled  “Multi-model Predictive System for CH4 and H2S in Water at Shale Gas Sites" at the upcoming American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, 2013 in San Francisco, CA this December. His paper discussed developing a new predictive system for methane and hydrogen sulfide gas solubility in waters at shale gas sites.