Carnegie Mellon University
October 29, 2013

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2040 Vision Project Workshop

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2040 Vision Project Workshop
Earlier this month a team from CMU and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) held a workshop for their Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2040 Vision Project in Harrisburg, PA.  The CMU group will develop scenarios of implementing automated and connected vehicles and the resulting economic, environmental and social impacts to PENNDOT operations going forward to 2040.

There has been a considerable amount of research conducted on technologies to support assisted and driverless vehicle operations (called autonomous vehicles) as well as communication among vehicles and infrastructure (called connected vehicles), both at CMU and elsewhere.  This workshop, which included experts from government organizations and private industries, is part of the research plan the CMU group outlined to support the assessment of transportation agency management strategies for autonomous and connected vehicles. 

“When it comes to connected and autonomous vehicles, PENNDOT is being proactive ad wants to know what they can do today so when these technologies hit the roads, our infrastructure system would be able to support them,” recent PhD graduate Yeganeh Mashayekh explained.  “We are excited to support PENNDOT achieving this goal and preparing the State’s transportation system for connected and autonomous vehicles.”

In addition to the industry and government experts attending the workshop, the CMU team included Mashayekh as well as CEE/EPP Duquesne Light University Professor Chris Hendrickson and CEE graduate student Corey Harper.  The team also included Distinguished Service Professor of Transportation Systems and Policy Allen Biehler (Heinz) and EPP doctoral student Sonia Mangones

Pictured above left to right: Sonia Magones, Chris Hendrickson, Yeganeh Mashayekh, Allen Biehler and Corey Harper.