Carnegie Mellon University
March 23, 2012

Department Seminar: Infrastructure Management Under Today's Constraints

Department Seminar:  Infrastructure Management Under Today's Constraints

On Friday, February 24th at 4:30pm, Mario Berges, CEE Assistant Professor, will be giving a department wide seminar entitled Infrastructure Management Under Today's Constraints: How Analytics Can Help Us Do More with Less in Porter Hall 100. 


Economic and environmental constraints impose limits on the way we are managing, growing and utilizing the human-made structures that sustain our modern life. In the past, the civil engineering profession was almost exclusively focused on the design and construction of our infrastructure. However, as we approach these limits, there is an increasing need to also address the management and operation of these structures. In particular, new instrumentation and computing technologies are allowing us to become more efficient in the way we design, construct and run these systems, thus avoiding reaching the hard economic and environmental limits that exist. In this talk I will present examples form my research, which demonstrate how data analytics can help us extend the lifetime or improve the efficiency of our infrastructure. 

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