Carnegie Mellon University
August 14, 2012

Maloney Wins NSF Grant

Maloney Wins NSF Grant

CEE professor Craig Maloney and his collaborators have recently been awarded an NSF grant from the Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering program which was a joint CBET-CMMI cross-disciplinary call. His project, A Data-Driven Statistical Approach to Aging and Elasticity in Colloidal Glasses, will study the fundamental process of aging of glassy materials from a statistical and microscopic point of view.  The project involves simulations of glassy systems, and will employ novel statistical techniques to reconstruct local elastic properties of the arterial and learn how these properties change during the aging process.  

The statistical techniques Maloney and his collaborators develop will be useful in a variety of applications beyond aging or materials science and gain an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of aging in glassy systems, which may have a long-term impact on how glassy materials are produced.  

The team will also conduct outreach efforts targeting Pittsburgh area high schools with under-represented populations, and will target Atlanta area K-12 students via "Squishy Physics" field trips.

Maloney's collaborators are Professors Larry Wasserman (Statistics at CMU) and Eric Weeks (Physics at Emory University).