Carnegie Mellon University
April 02, 2012

Professor Mario Berges Collaborates with Samsung Electronics

Professor Mario Berges Collaborates with Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics has recently joined the Pennsylvania Smart Infrastructure Incubator (PSII) as a new industry partner. As a part of this partnership, Samsung has funded and is collaborating with Assistant Professor Mario Berges to advance its Smart Home efforts. Specifically, this research will be in the area of residential electricity monitoring.

This research endeavor aligns with Samsung's intention to advance the research in key areas of the Smart Home - which involves becoming smarter about one's energy consumption - and to increase the creation of commercially viable products. 

The funded project will focus on developing automated training solutions for electricity disaggregation algorithms, based on electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements obtained near appliances. The idea is to leverage low-cost sensors that can be easily deployed around the home to collect EMF measurements. The goal, then, is to detect and recognize changes in the operating states of appliances, based on these measurements, in order to automatically label the changes in overall power consumption of the house.

Dr. Berges, along with Dr. Anthony Rowe from Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and graduate students Suman Giri (CEE) and Niranjini Rajagopal (ECE), will be collecting extensive data from an experimental test-bed they create. They will also be collecting data on appliances like refrigerators, window air-conditioners, incandescent and fluorescent lights, clothes dryers, and dishwashers. These data sets will be then used to develop signal processing and machine learning algorithms that could automate the process of detecting and classifying appliance state transitions based on EMF signals alone.

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