Carnegie Mellon University
September 20, 2012

Amin Aghaei receives 2012-13 Dowd-ICES Fellowship

Amin Aghaei receives 2012-13 Dowd-ICES Fellowship

CEE PhD student, Amin Aghaei (advised by Professor Kaushik Dayal), has been selected to receive a 2012-13 Dowd-ICES Fellowship for his project "Multiscale Molecular Simulations in Biological and Bio-Mimetic Membranes for Engineered Drug-Delivery".

The project involves developing a novel multi-scale framework for the study of the mechanical properties and equilibrium configuration of biological and engineered drug delivery membranes. The mechanics of shape and deformation of the membranes is centrally important for many cellular functions. By using all symmetries of the atomic structure of the membrane, the framework is a mixed continuum and atomistic approach to reproduce the results of fully-atomistic techniques at a fraction of the computational cost. 

The developed framework will be useful to study a wide range of structures, from nanotubes and graphene sheets to the membranes which form the outer boundaries of cells to the transport vesicles which travel within cells, and the membranes surrounding enveloped viruses such as HIV.

The Philip and Marsha Dowd Engineering Seed Fund was established in 2001 through a generous gift to the College of Engineering (CIT) from Philip and Marsha Dowd. The fund is intended to provide support for graduate students proposing work on cutting edge research projects that currently do not have other sources of funding. The fund helps enable future external research funding and possible future entrepreneurial activity by generating initial research results through the seed project.