Carnegie Mellon University

Staff Adjunct Instructor, Part-time, Fixed-Term

The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University is seeking Adjunct Staff Instructors in all areas of civil and environmental engineering.

This is a part-time position that involves a semester-long appointment to teach or co-teach advanced undergraduate elective courses or graduate courses. An Adjunct Staff Instructor should be interested in teaching engineering fundamentals in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

An Adjunct Staff Instructor is responsible for the creation and delivery of material for advanced undergraduate elective courses and/or graduate courses, the content of which much be approved in accordance with University and department policies and procedures.

An Adjunct Staff Instructor is responsible for delivering course content, instructing students, supervising teaching assistants, grading homework, quizzes, tests, and papers as applicable; deciding grades and entering grades into online systems; and performing related duties as assigned.