Carnegie Mellon University

Saturday, July 1

CEE Online Orientation

Completion of this online course is mandatory for all incoming students and must be completed prior to the CEE On Campus Orientation.

Wednesday, August 23

1:00PM - Brave New World

Learn about making the most of your time in the States. International students and fauclty will give you the inside scoop about where to go, cultural difference, and how to get settled in.

International Students

2:00PM - Real Time Laptop Configuration

Our IT specialist will be on-hand to help you get your personal laptop set up and answer questions you may have.

All Graduate Students

2:30-4:00PM - Check-In Fair

Meet some of your fellow students and have your department photo taken. Various student organizations will be on hand to talk about opportunities to get involved on- and off-campus

All Graduate Students

Thursday, August 24

8:30AM - Breakfast

All Graduate Students

9:00AM - CEE Orientation

The morning session includes a welcome from the CEE department head, Dave Dzombak, and the CEE faculty and staff. We will also discuss our zero waste mission, take a department tour, and discover campus.

All Graduate Students

12:30PM - Lunch

All Graduate Students

2:00PM - CEE Orientation

The afternoon session includes presentations about our department culture and community and an introduction to the student groups and activites you can join. 

All Graduate Students

4:00PM - Non-Engineers Info Session

This session is required for all students whose degree is in an non-engineering field. 

Non-Engineers Only

TBD - GSA Meet-Up


Friday, August 25

9:15AM - Breakfast

All Graduate Students

10:00AM - CEE Orientation

The morning session includes presentations about academic integrity, university resources, and information about Pittsburgh.

All Graduate Students

12:30AM - Lunch

All Graduate Students

1:30AM - CEE Orientation

MS and PhD students will split off into groups to learn more about their specific degree program. 

All Graduate Students

2:45PM - Q&A Session

All Graduate Students

3:00PM - Sole Mates

All Graduate Students

4:00PM - GSA Social