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CEE Recycles!

Electronics Recycling

Like most electronic gear, computing equipment rapidly loses value and must eventually be disposed of. CEE strives to safely recycle all obsolete and decommisioned electronic equipment. CEE Computing and Facilities will contact the right organizations to have equipment picked up at your location and properly disposed of. For equipment that has a CMU asset tag, we will work with our purchasing agent to make sure that the asset tag is cleared from the CMU inventory.

Computers placed in our care may have the memory modules removed to be recycled into other computers. If possible, university-owned computing equipment may be refurbished and redeployed for lighter use within the department. In either case disk drive is also removed and destroyed or entirely wiped so that the risk of unintended data transfer is minimized.

Once the equipment is properly prepared and removed from the CMU inventory, we will contact CMU Computer Recycling to arrange for a pick-up. E-Waste recycling occurs on a monthly basis, but we are happy to store retired equipment as it awaits disposal.

We are often asked if we will donate or sell old computers. This option is generally not available to us for a multitude of reasons.  The machines we receive tend to be in used condition. We also systematically remove the memory and hard drive, further decreasing the value of the equipment. Additionally, CMU software licenses are pretty restrictive about what can be sold. As such, we do not market or donate the hardware.

For assistance, send mail to: