Scott Hall Progress Photos - October 2015-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - October 2015


Curtainwall system installation at the north wing is completed as shown below. Atrim and Cafe curtainwall installation will start shortly.


Roberts Bridge steel erection is completed and concrete slab is scheduled to be placed within few weeks. Roberts Bridge will connect Scott Hall cafe to Roberts Hall.

Roberts BridgeRoberts BridgeRoberts Bridge

Ceiling grid installation, drywall framing and boarding, and paint are ongoing within the North Wing. Controlled Environmental Rooms are also installed on 3rd floor.

ceiling gridceiling grid

ceiling and paintinteriorcontrolled environmental room

North Wing elevator installation is ongoing. Roof top mechanical equipment and ducts are installed.

elevatorroof top equipmentroof top equipment

Wean skylight framing installation has started as shown in the following photos.

skylight framingwean skylight

CR deck and green roof waterproofing is also ongoing. Cleanroom perimeter block wall construction has started as well.

cleanroom deck waterproofingcleanroom deck waterproofingcleanroom block wall