Scott Hall Progress Photos - June 2015-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - June 2015


Curtain wall panels are being installed on the North Wing south elevation using a crane as shown below.

curtain wall installationCurtain Wall Installation

CR concrete deck shoring is being removed.

cleanroom deck shoringcleanroom deck

Please see below pictures from the North Wing Mechanical room. Concrete pads for electrical and mechanical equipment are poured.

mechanical roomMechanical Room


Structural concrete formwork installation, reinforcement and pouring continue within the Hamerschlag Hall courtyard area.

Court yardCourt yard

following pictures show curtain wall installation progress at the north and east elevations of the North Wing.

east elevationNorth Elevation


Curtain wall system installation is 80% completed. Remaining panels on the south elevation of the North Wing are being installed. 

Curtain wall South ElevationCurtain Wall and Stairs

Reinforcement installation continues within the courtyard area for the cleanroom deck.

Cleanroom deckCourtyard

Electrical, mechanical, and fire protection pipes and equipment are being installed within the North Wing.

Mechanical euipmentDuct work InstallationElectrical Equipment


Following pictures show scaffolding for the north wing exterior wall framing and curtain wall installation progress.

North WingScaffoldingNorth Wing

Mechanical equipment concrete pads in the North Wing mechanical room are being formed and poured as shown below. Plumbing and mechanical piping, and ductwork installation continue as well.

Mechanical Room PadsNorth Wing Mechanical RoomNorth Wing Mechanical Room

Please see below for construction progress photos from courtyard/cleanroom area. Structural concerete reinforcement, forming, and pouring continue within this area.

Court yardCourtyardCourtyard deck