Scott Hall Progress Photos - July 2015-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - July 2015


North Wing curtain wall installation is 90% completed.

curtain wall installationcurtain wall

Please see the following photos from the Scott Hall north wing entrance, cafe atrium and cleanroom deck.

entrance cleanroom and courtyard

North Wing collaboratory stairs are installed. Curtainwall and glass fins are installed at collaboratory as well. Marquee conference room on 5th floor is enclosed as shown below.

collaboratorymarquee conference room

Mechanical equipment, pipes and ductwork are being installed within the North Wing floors and lower level mechanical room.

interiorLower level Mechanical Room


Curtain wall installation is ongoing and North Wing soffit is being boarded and painted as shown below.

curtain wall installationsoffit

Concrete pads for the mechanical equipment in the Lower Level mechanical room are poured and coated.

concrete padslower level mechanical room