Scott Hall Progress Photos - August 2015-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - August 2015


Drywall framing and boarding continue within the North Wing as shown below.

drywall framingdrywall framing

drywall Boardingdrywall Boarding

Mechanical roof top equipment and AHU (Air Handling Units) are installed. Mechanical penthouse exterior block wall is being installed.

roof top equipmentpenthouse

North Wing north elevation block wall installation is ongoing. Scaffold at the North wing west side soffit and splayed columns is removed and soffit is finishes and painted.

north wing north elevationWest Side soffit

Remainder of cleanroom concrete structure (slabs, columns, walls, and deck) will be placed within few weeks.



Curtain wall panels and dichroic fins installation is completed on the North Wing south elevation as shown below.


Penthouse blocking on North Wing roof continues. Roofing continues as well.


Interior mechanical equipment installation and drywall boarding is proceeding as shown below.

interiordrywall Boarding

Cafe and atrium construction continues.


Remainder of the cleanroom concrete deck is poured.

cr deckcr deck