Scott Hall Progress Photos - September 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - September 2014


The first set of splayed columns have been installed today.  The steel erector had to utilize 2 cranes to complete this installation.

359 splayed collumns 360 Splayed columns

Steel erection is nearly complete in the location of the collaboratory stairs.


The first of three base plates for the splayed columns is being installed.  These base plates connect the pile caps(atop the caissons) to the bas of the splayed columns.  Placement must be very accurate to align with 30 anchor bolts located in the pile cap.

354 base plate 355

Work removing the tunnel lid located in the courtyard has begun.  The tunnel lid will eventually be repoured at a lower elevation.

Tunnel work 357 tunnel

Underground work on the acid waste piping continues.

358 AW Pipe


352 Acid Waste Underground 353 Acid Waste Underground

351 Student Tour

As Acid Waste piping was being installed under what will be the Cleanroom, a Civil Engineering class toured the site.

349 NW Stairwell 350 NW Stairwell

348 Lower Level Mechanical Room

With decking installed, there is now access to inspect steel connections further and to begin mechanical pre-installation work on these levels.


347 North Wing

The North Wing steel is progressing.  Penthouse steel has been installed, and Scott Hall currently demonstrates it's approximate finished height.

341 North Wing 342 North Wing

339 Loading Dock 340 Hamerschlag Drive

In the new Scott Hall Loading dock area, a vapor barrier and slab formwork are being installed for the anticipated slab pour scheduled in the next two weeks. 


Scott Hall seen from CIC; Penthouse steel being erected is shown at the highest point.

337 Northwing 338 North Wing


Concrete is on site to pour the floor slab of the acid waste trench. 

334 Cleanroom 336 Northwing

335 Cleanroom


General construction photos below depict the current progress on site.  The acid waste trench in the courtyard is currently being formed, while steel erection and detailing continues.

332 Cafe 333 Cleanroom

331 Loading Dock

329 Hamerschlag Drive 330 NW Stair Tower