Scott Hall Progress Photos - October 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - October 2014


Cleanroom slab on grade pour 1 of 4 was poured yesterday.  Iron workers continue to set rebar for the remaining cleanroom slabs.  The Mat Slab in the courtyard is an 18" thick slab with thickened, 24" honches in locations of the columns to better distribute the load of the slab and green roof above.

379 mat slab 380 mat slab

376 Pour stop 377 Pour stop

The above photos show a detail of the concrete pour stops, which separates concrete pours.  A wire meshed surface allows some concrete to protrude from the stop, creating a rough surface for the next concrete pour to bond to.

378 cy pour 1

375 CY Pour 1 374 CY Pour 1


370 Courtyard

371 North Wing 372 North Wing

373 Courtyard

Progress of the steel erection is currently on schedule with the installation of final roof members of steel.  The crane is scheduled to be removed from the site within the next 2 weeks.  Crews are also prepping for the first Cleanroom slab pour within the courtyard.


Ceilidh Weekend! Today the University held a "Topping Off" Ceremony to commemorate the steel erection of Scott Hall.  This morning there was a brunch held where CIT spoke of the current progress of Scott Hall and what it's future means to Carnegie Mellon's Campus.  During the ceremony, attendees were encouraged to sign a beam, which was then lifted into place on Scott Hall's roof.

367 Topping Off 368 topping off 369 topping off


A time-lapse set of photos shows progress as the splayed columns are installed.

364 splayed columns 365 splayed columns 366 splayed columns

Backfill progress can be seen in the following images as work finalizes for the underground acid waste piping completes.

362 AW trench

363 AW backfill