Scott Hall Progress Photos - November 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - November 2014


The building continues to be tented in.  This will allow crews to continue working on Scott Hall throughout the harsh winter weather.  Additional site work continues to reconnect the steam line that once traveled across the hillside.  The new steam line will now travel beneath Scott Hall through to FMS from Roberts Hall.  Excavation/backfill continues for the Sanitary tie in under Hamerschlag Drive at the lowest portion of our site.  This new tap will facilitate all of Scott Hall waste water, a good percentage of storm water will be diverted from PWSA's combined storm/sanitary system.

396 tent 397 tent 398 tent

399 scott steam tie in 400 sanitary tap


The north wing is being tented with plastic to allow for temperature control during concrete pours as well as to keep snow and rain out of the building.  Cleanroom column erection has started with the rebar, and forms will follow shortly.

393 tenting 394 CR column erection 395 CR coloumn erection


As seen from Forbes Avenue, Scott Hall has taken its full height and shape.

391 across hollow

392 CR slabs

The Cleanroom slabs have all been poured to date.  Prep work for the concrete columns has begun.  Forming columns will take place over the next month.


Steel erection has been completed and the crane was disassembled and removed from the site on 11/1/14.  The steel erectors continue to weld connections and set decking.  While decks are released to sub-trades, inserts and embeds are installed in preparation for slab pours.

Curtain wall embeds are being installed around the perimeter of the building.  These boxes will be cast into the concrete floor slab, and they will carry the load of the curtain wall system (glazing, mullions, and dichroic glass).  The embed are designed to allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment for proper curtain wall alignment.

383 CW Embed 384 CW Embed