Scott Hall Progress Photos - May 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - May 2014


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Anchor rods are being set in the southern splayed column pile cap, as shown in the photo above.  Rebar is also being placed on the hillside for the large Mat II type foundation pile cap.  This Mat II foundation will contain approximately 198 yards of concrete.


The hillside continues to be excavated for the installation of pile caps and grade beams.

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Excavation has progressed on the hillside for the forming of pile caps and grade beams. 


Panels are being set within the new pump room. 



Pile cap and grade beam installation continues on the hillside for the North Wing portion of the building.



Sub base soil conditions in the courtyard displayed a high moisture content.  To meet the proper stability requirements, a portion of the soil has been removed, and gravel is being punched into the ground to stabilize the area.  This will provide a proper sub base for the construction of the courtyard slabs.

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The new pump room pad has been poured.  This will be a new mechanical space for Scott Hall.

249 250


Sheet pile shoring is being installed to support the existing duct bank.  This is needed to excavate deeper for pile cap installation location adjacent to the duct bank.

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