Scott Hall Progress Photos - March 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - March 2014


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The rebar and foundation wall forms continue to be installed on Mat 3.  Concrete can be expected to be poured within 2-3 weeks.  Additional photos below depict areas that are being excavated around North Wing caissons for the forming of pile caps.


While much of the construction is currently outside, there is also work happening beneath our feet in utility tunnels.  The new lines shown below are being installed to accommodate additional tie in points for the new building's demand, and to remove old lines from the site of new construction.

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224 225


The sidewalk outside of the south entrance to Hamerschlag Hall has been removed for the installation of the new handicap compliant ramp.  This ramp will include a new railing that will double as the mockup for the Scott Hall collaboratory staircase.  This ramp is expected to be completed within the next 2 weeks.  Additional photos show wall forms for the Mat 3 elevator foundations are going up and rebar is being set.

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Wall forms are being removed from the new pump room foundation walls as the remaining pile caps in the pump room are being formed.  Rebar for the Mat 3 foundation walls are beginning to take form.  The remaining caissons and pile caps on the hillside are being drilled, formed and poured.  At this time there are 22 caissons that remain to be drilled. 

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Dichroic glass samples have been installed to the side of the construction trailer for review.

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Tunnel utility connections have been made, which reroutes existing utilities from the site of the new cleanroom.  The new valves and piping shown below were installed throughout the past couple weeks.

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