Scott Hall Progress Photos - June 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - June 2014


Reinforcement, forming, and pouring continue for concrete foundations within pump room, loading dock, and lower site.  Structural concrete walls and piers reinforcement and forming has been started as well. Once poured, concrete foundations will be backfilled.

Forming276 Pouring277 Removing Formwork

278 Pump Room279 Lower Site

Acid trench excavation has been completed as well and concrete will be poured in July.

280 Acid Trench


When joining rebar mechanical splices(shown below) is one option of making these connections, another connection type would be lapping and tieing two pieces of rebar with a 2' lap.  Excavation for the loading dock and roberts bridge foundations has begun.

273 274 275


The final grade beams and pile caps are being formed within the new pump room, as shown above.

270 271

The trenhing shownin the courtyard will be the new Acid Waste tench beneath the new cleanroom.  Once poured and formed the trench will be approximately 3 feet wide and sloped from 6 feet deep to 4 feet.  The areas surrounding the elevator pit and loading dock foundation walls are being backfilled up to the brick ledge elevation.


The Courtyard/cleanroon area between Wean and Hamerschlag has been excavated and compacted fill is being installed to prep the site for the slab pour in this area.  Concrete was delivered on-site and a portion of pile caps have been poured today.

268 269


In the following images below you can see the multiple retaining walls that are located across the hillside to allow the ease of access and the necessary soil retainment for the installation of pile caps.  Once the pile caps are formed and poured, they will be backfilled, and the site will have an consistent grade down the hillside.  The workers below are prepping top of caissons prior to installing rebar reinforcement for the pile cap in that location.

266 267

Work conitues forming and installing rebar for the remaining pile caps and foundation walls on the hillside.


As a quality control measure, pile cap reinforcement is backchecked with surveying equipment to ensure the proper placement. 

263 264