Scott Hall Progress Photos - July 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - July 2014


Structural steel erection for new pump room, cafe, and loading dock has been started.

309 Steel Erection310 Atrium Steel

Additionally, Maxim Crane Works has mobilized a 300 ton crawler type crane for North Wing structural steel erection which will start next week.

312 Crane311 Crane

Remaining concrete foundation walls and piers are being reinforced, formed, and poured within lower site. Poured and cured foundation walls have been backfilled.

313 Lower Site314 Lower Site


Loading Dock and Pump Room areas have been backfilled and prepared for structural steel erection. Also, Roberts Hall bridge concrete foundation has been poured and backfilled.

301 Loading Dock302 Loading Dock303 Roberts Bridge

Concrete walls within the lower site have been poured and formwork panels are being removed.

304 Lower Site305 Concrete Walls

Additionally, splayed columns concrete foundations (pile caps) have been poured and backfilled. West side of lower site has been cleaned up for mobilizing a 300 ton crawler type crane for structural steel erection.

306 Lower Site307 Lower Site

Picture below shows precast concrete panels being installed on retaining wall within the lower site.

308 Retaining Wall


Rebar for acid trench reinforcement has been delivered and stored in court yard space. Additionally, loading dock and pump room spaces have been backfilled by locating equipment in the courtyard space.

291 Acid Trench Rebar292 Court Yard

Concrete work at new pump room and loading dock is completed. As mentioned these spaces have been backfilled; and structural steel erection will start in August. 

293 Loading Dock294 Loading Dock

Remaining concrete pile caps, grade beams, walls, and piers are being reinforced, formed, and poured within lower site.

295 Lower Site296 Concrete Wall

297 Form Work298 Reinforcement299 Concrete Walls

Picture below shows how construction materials and forming panels are being stored and laid down by the rail road.

300 Storage


Mat 2 concrete pile cap's formwork has been removed and it has been backfilled. Forming and reinforcement continue for structural concrete walls at the west side of lower site.

286 mat 2 backfill287 Concrete Walls

Structural concrete walls within the loading dock have been poured. Additionally, remaining pile caps in the lower site are being reinforced and prepared for pouring. Pictures below show pile caps, connections and grade beams reinforcement complexity. Also, excavation for the last splayed columns concrete foundation is completed as shown below.

288 Loading Dock Pouring289 Reinforcement290 Pile Cap


Large Mat 2 concrete pile cap has been poured, and forming grade beams connected to it has been started.

282 Mat 2281 Pouring

Pile caps, piers, and concrete walls within lower site are being reinforced and formed. All concrete pouring will be done before structural steel erection.

284 Pile Cap Formwork285 Piers