Scott Hall Progress Photos - January 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - January 2014


18 trucks of concrete were delivered on site today for the pump room grade beams and pile caps.  15+ workers were on site and coordinated the concrete trucks and pump with the pour locations.

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Outpak Washout boxes provide LEED certified disposal of slump testing on site.  Slump testing is essentially placing an amount of concrete outside of the forms to ensure the proper mixture thickness and fluidity.  To ensure there is no contamination to surrounding areas, this product allows an easy, clean, and safe alternative to on site slump testing.

178 179

As you can see below, the pump truck had a reach of over 150' to deliver concrete to the proper locations.  As a testing requirement, concrete sample cylinders are collected every 50 yards per the engineers specified testing requirements.  The cylinders shown here are only a small handful of what has been collected to date.  These cylinders will be tested, by breaking them, at certain cure intervals to ensure the concrete is meeting the specified strength.

177 175 176

173 174


Grade beam and pile cap forms are in place.  Final heating preparations will need to be done prior to the scheduled concrete pour.


170 172



The Pittsburgh Fire Department visited the construction site today for a inspection to review temporary exit strategies and detours.  There are 8 exits that have been affected by the construction.



The ramp and stairs have been removed from both locations on Wean Hall.  These exits have been closed for the duration of the project.  A walk through with the city fire department is scheduled for 1/20/14 to review exit paths and detours.  Pile cap forms and rebar are being installed.  Concrete for the pump room and large elevator(mat 3) pile cap is expected to come during the week of 1/27/14.  Installation of the main shoring wall tie-backs are continuing; approximately half of the tiebacks have been installed.

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The concrete stairs connected to Wean and Porter Halls is currently being demolished.  This demolision should wrap up within the next week.

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