Scott Hall Progress Photos - February 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - February 2014


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Wall forms and rebar are in place for the new pump room foundation.  Concrete is scheduled to be poured Monday, 3/3/14. 


Foundation walls in the courtyard pump room are being formed and rebar is being set.  This process will take approximately 1.5 weeks and concrete can be poured subsequently.  Work continues with mat 3 foundations and caisson drilling on the hillside.

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The project team refers to the largest mat foundation pad for the project as "Mat 3".  This foundation essentially acts as an anchor for the portion of the building that cantilevers over the hillside.  Mat 3 formwork and rebar has been installed concrete is being poured.  There is approximately 216 cubic yards of concrete just within this piece of the foundations; that's 24 concrete truck deliveries. 

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The foundation wall forms are being installed as rebar is completed for the new pump room.

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Foundation walls are being formed within the pump room space, while the mat 3 pad(3rd photo) is being finalized for concrete to be poured.

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