Scott Hall Progress Photos - December 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - December 2014


Since the steam line has been installed on the lower site, the 4160 ductbank entering the building is being installed.  As site utility work begins to come to an end, and the slabs are poured, pipe can begin to be installed in the building.  The first order of business is to install the main sanitary riser within the building.  This will allow the roof drains to collect water, and prevent it from dripping from floor to floor.

409 410

411 412

413 414

As formwork within the CY has been completed, the space has become very congested.



With the building tented in with plastic, Scott Hall is becoming a distinctive part of the Oakland landscape, both night and day.

407 408


Each of the floors in the north wing have been poured in 2 pours.  The images below depict the break line of the two pours. 

404 405

Crews finish forming the courtyard columns in preparation of the scheduled pour.  Due to the columns' height, extensive shoring is required to hold the formwork in place.



The building trap is being installed at the lower lot.  This is the last connection from the building to the PWSA tie-in.  At the same time, the new steam line that runs across the site is being installed.  This replaces the old line that has been temporarily rerouted for the past 1.5 years.

401 402 403