Scott Hall Progress Photos - August 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - August 2014


The curtain wall mockup is currently displayed on the Robert's Patio.  This mockup samples the quality and consistency of the glass, ceramic frit (both colors), and dichroic panels (both colors).

343 Dichroic Glass 344 Dichroic Glass

345 Dichroic Glass 346 Dichroic on Wean

There is a second mockup of the dichroic panels mounted to the south face of Wean Hall.


In order to facilitate the steel erection over Hamerschlag Drive, temporary cribbing has been installed for support.  When the steel is erected, the cribbing will be jacked up while steel is welded.  Once complete the cribbing will be removed and steel will rest in its proper position.

327 pump room 328 road cribbing

326 atrium and cafe

With the building situated between existing structures, spanning a road, and towering over a hillside, the Architects and Engineers had to design ways to allow the building to slightly move without damaging itself or these surrounding structures.  There has been a 2 inch expansion joint designed where the new Scott Hall meets any existing building, as well as within the future cafe space(which is the connection from the North Wing to the Courtyard.  The expansion joint can be see in the image above and below.

324 steel connection 325 2 inch expansion joint


323 view from roberts

The view from Robert's Deck provides a great perspective of the North Wing and Connector steel erection.


Steel erection continues to the North Wing portion of Scott Hall.  The round white columns shown in the photos below will remain exposed.  This white color is actually intumescent paint (fireproof paint), which will expand during a fire, protecting the steel from heat for the code required amount of time.  These columns are rated from 2-3 hours depending on location.

315 loading dock 316 north wing

317 north wing steel

318 round column 319 round column

The following images below depict the forming of the acid waste trench which will be situated beneath the cleanroom.

320 Acid Waste Trench

321 Acid Waste Trench322 cafe steel