Scott Hall Progress Photos - April 2014-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - April 2014


Rebar is being set for one of the splayed column pile caps and forms for round column pilasters are in place.

245 246

Multiple pile caps at different levels and slope grade beams have been poured and the forms are removed.  progress on the hillside will move north to complete the remaining pile caps and grade beams.

243 244

241 242

The duct bank is fully shored across the hillside as shown above.


Shoring of the electrical duct bank across the hillside is underway.  I-beams are set on either side of the ductbank and one spans atop, while nylon straps are used to cradle the ductbank to ensure it does not move.

239 240




The pump room foundation wall backfill progresses as the remaining courtyard is excavated. 




233 234


The pump room foundation walls are being backfilled as waterproofing continues to be installed.


Pump room foundation wall waterproofing is being installed.  Once an area is waterproofed, blue protection board is installed prior to backfilling.  Waterproofers work their way up as the levels of the wall are accessible with the backfill progress.  A water expansive bentonite material is installed(shown in white), where new construction waterproofing meets existing buildings(Wean Hall).

230 231