Scott Hall Progress Photos - October 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - October 2013


Caissons are currently being drilled and poured where the salt bin once was.  Once these caissons are completed, tiebacks (pictured and described below)  can be installed in the main shoring wall.  This will allow for the remaining excavation of the north wing hillside, and accommodate drilling of the remaining caissons.

134 135 136


Tiebacks, shown in the photos below, are steel cables that are inserted through shoring wall piers that act as an anchoring mechanism for a retaining wall that is being installed.  Essentially the tiebacks are supported by the mass of earth that the shoring wall is designed to retain.  The images below show that all tiebacks have been installed.  The courtyard area will be excavated approximately another 12' to allow for the construction of the new pump room and the final relocation of the sanitary line shown piped in these photos. 

130 131 132



The removal of the Wean Hall areaways has allowed for the lower portion of the sanitary reroute to be completed.  During the excavation, a foundation drain for Wean Hall was found and has been tied into the sanitary reroute.  In order for the sanitary reroute to be completed, a shoring wall against Hamerschlag Hall had to be installed to allow for the deep excavation so close to the building.  The shoring wall is currently being installed, and grade will be excavated approximately 12 feet below its current level.  This excavation is not only for the installation of the sanitary reroute, but also to construct a lower pump room that will service the new and existing services.


121 119 sanitary

122 124 123


The campus salt and mulch storage has been relocated to the lot across the tracks.  The base of the storage bins have been asphalt paved and concrete foundation blocks have been arranged in U-shaped configurations.  The finishing touch will include barrel-arched roofs to protect the bins from the weather.  Please see the series of photos below depicting the construction of these storage bins.

125 126 127 128


115 116

The lot across the tracks has been graded, and a stone drive is being installed to access the new location for the FMS salt shed and mulch pile.  A new entrance from boundary street has been created to stay the proper distance away from the Railroad tracks.

117 118


112 113


Excavation at the western portion of Wean Hall has completed for the removal of the concrete areaways beneath the transformer garage doors in the photos above.  These concrete areaways will be removed to allow for the construction of the new Scott Hall elevator mat slab foundation.