Scott Hall Progress Photos - June 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - June 2013


Spot excavations within planters and on the Wean Hall 4600 roof/plaza are being explored to supply the design team with a roof composition detail of current conditions.  Portions of Wean Hall will experience intermittent periods of noise and slight vibration during the next 2 weeks.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

049 050

The remaining walls of the lean-to have been removed and the excavator has begun sorting the debris for disposal/recycling.

051 052 053


The lean-to within the HH/Wean/Porter parking lot is currently being demolished.  During this time we ask all pedestrians near the area to maintain a safe distance from the construction zone barrier.  The Wean Hall fire stair egress, 4129, should be used only during an emergency.

045 046

047 048


The first casework mock-up has been delivered and assembled in Smith Hall.  Two more mock-ups are expected to be delivered in the next two weeks and the fourth and final to be delivered in July.

043 044


The new water and steam lines are currently being set into place.  The team will continue to set the remaining lines, shoot as-built coordinates, and back fill once complete.  A coal hopper was discovered beneath the salt bin, and the crew on site is exploring the depth of the hopper and the impacts of it's removal.

037 038 039 040

041 042


The demolition of the salt bin on Roberts Drive has begun.  The majority of the structure will be removed by 6/11/13.

035 036