Scott Hall Progress Photos - July 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - July 2013


The retaining wall from the original chiller location has been removed and dirt is being excavated from the courtyard.  The excavation throughout the entire courtyard will drop the elevation by approximately 10' to allow space for an engineered fill material and the construction of the new concrete floor slab.  We would like to remind pedestrians to stay out of marked construction areas for their safety due to the high level of construction activities.

076 077


The second chiller has been relocated and piping is currently being installed.

074 075


The chilled water reroute through Hamerschlag D Level has been completed.  The water lines are running with no issues.

071 073



An adjacent University Project, Masonry Restoration, is underway on Wean, Hamerschlag, and Doherty Halls.  The scope of work includes repairing damaged and spalled concrete to Wean Hall by hammering and sawing necessary areas, patching, and sealing the entire facade.  Hamerschlag Hall will be re-pointed in damaged regions with minimal brick replacement.  The arched masonry underside of Doherty Hall will be removed and re-supported with steel support brackets.  This work will continue alongside the Scott Hall construction, however if you feel disrupted by the masonry repairs please contact your building's Facility Director or Karen Spells Attn: Edward Hydzik with Campus Design Facility Development.

Work scheduled:  Masonry contractors will be cleaning and removing caulking on the south elevation mall area of Wean.  They will continue cutting and grinding on the west and northwest side of Wean.  Removal of the brick and granite lentils on the Doherty Bridge will continue, and welders will also be installing support brackets.


Exits in the courtyard are starting to be affected by demolition and other construction activities.  Please review the detour maps above for a description of proper exiting procedures and paths.


The first chiller was lifted into place today.  It will take the remainder of the week to pipe to the chiller and complete the hookup before the 2nd chiller can be relocated next week.

066 065

The new construction has been delivered to the Porter Parking Lot.  The electric and data will be hooked up next week and the construction team will begin moving in the following week.  Also, the nitrogen pad has been formed for the relocation.

067 068


The demolition of the salt bin continues.  Multiple utility lines(abandoned and active) have been found under and near the excavation site.  It has been noted that the salt bin was constructed on the same foundations of an original coal hopper that fed Hamerschlag Hall.  These foundations are being excavated also, which has led the excavation to lower elevations than anticipated. 

061 062

In order to prepare for the Cleanroom Chiller relocation the Hamerschlag server room roof has been removed.  This space will be prepped for the first chiller relocation scheduled for 7/15/13.

063 064


The chilled water reroute has been backfilled and Roberts Drive has been returned to normal use.  Final backfilling remains within the FMS loading dock are.  The excavated areas will be re-paved in the coming weeks.

057 058

The reroute on upper Roberts drive is finalizing and the road will be backfilled by the end of next week.

059 060


The new chilled water lines have been installed within Roberts Drive near FMS.  The lines will be backfilled later this week.

055 056