Scott Hall Progress Photos - January 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - January 2013


Clearing and grubbing of the hillside has been competed and silt fencing has been installed.


Work at the Wean 4th floor loading dock has been completed.  The loading dock is open for deliveries.


Please see below for items that have been or are near completion.

  • Roberts Drive will be closed until Sunday for pavement and sidewalk repairs.  Concrete will be poured and finished where the new ductbank was installed for the Lean-to project.
  • Work at Wean 4th floor loading dock near completion. 
  • Work related to the 5KV cable has wrapped up within the corridor, now opening the Wean 4500 corridor.
  • RF shielding complete in Wean 3121.
  • Tree removal on the hillside has been completed.

008 Tree removal015 roberts ductbank

Above you can see the hillside after the trees have been removed.


Currently, the conduits have been installed for the Roberts 5KV and the contractors are prepare for concrete.

009 5KV 010 5KV


Currently work related to the Lean-to project continues throughout portions of Wean, Hamerschlag, and Roberts Halls.

  • RF shielding in Wean 3121 is nearly competed.
  • Wean switchgear will be delivered and installed on 1/12.  Please be advised a crane will be used to raise the equipment into the building.
  • Wean 4500 will have a short ramp installed to accommodate occupants while cabling is being installed, this will occur from 1/10 through 1/18.