Scott Hall Progress Photos - February 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - February 2013


The contractor is on site and excavation for sanitary utilities has begun.  Please see the images below for a detailed looked at this process.

013 sanitary 014 sanitary


Beginning Monday the Road closures to Roberts Drive and pedestrian detours will begin.  Please review the maps posted above and allowed yourself additional time to reach your destination.


The new Wean Hall skylight mockup has been installed and can be found in the courtyard.  This mockup demonstrates the actual height and angle of the proposed design.



Please see the following diagram for a detailed view of the Roberts Drive closure.


  • The ductbank along Roberts Hall has been completed and backfilled on the hillside.
  • The shoring and excavation contractors begin to plan site work the week of 2/18/13.