Scott Hall Progress Photos - December 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - December 2013


Pump room pile cap rebar has been delivered and pile caps are being formed.  The new loading dock are is being excavated to form pile caps.

155 156



Caissons within the pump room have been completed.  Next, pile caps and footings will be formed and poured.  The shoring wall tiebacks are scheduled to begin now that all caissons are completed in this area.

153 152



The construction crew continues to drill and pour caissons on the hillside and within the pump room. 



147 149


The construction site is teaming with activity as 2 rigs drill caissons, multiple excavators prep for caisson locations, and a crane is situated to install caisson reinforcement.  Crews are currently drilling caissons for the southern splayed column clusters, and within the pump room.  57 caissons have been drilled and poured to date.