Scott Hall Progress Photos - August 2013-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - August 2013


The excavation of the courtyard continues to progress.  Currently the majority of dirt has been removed through the Porter Parking Lot.  We remind pedestrians to follow posted safety signs while near construction zones.

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Drilling of the first caisson is nearly complete.  The rebar reinforcement cage, which will go into the newly drilled hole, is situated in a staging area.  Once the rebar is installed within the hole, concrete will be pumped in place which will create the caisson.

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The shoring wall process begins with the drilling for shoring piles which are steel columns that will have wire tendons shot into the earth behind the wall to keep this from caving in.  Once the piles are installed, wood lagging is used to temporary hold dirt behind the wall back while the dirt in front is excavated.  Once the excavation reaches the correct depth, concrete panels will be place between the steel piles, which will remain as the permanent shoring structure.   

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The outer chiller wall has been removed and dirt is being removed from the courtyard to prepare for the new pump room construction.

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Drilling on the hillside has begun.  Soldier piles for the permanent shoring wall are being drilled currently.  Once the wall pile are drilled and set, the contractor will move to caissons across the hillside and within Hamerschlag Drive.

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