Scott Hall Progress Photos - November 2012-Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall Progress Photos - November 2012


The current timeline of schedules events is as follows:

  • 12/3/12- Mobilization of the Jendoco Construction trailer and storage box to the railroad parking lot.  At this time the lot will be closed to the parking that currently occurs in the lot.
  • 12/5/12- Install temporary security fencing at the railroad lot around the lay down and trailer areas.
  • 12/6/12- Install security fencing at the North Wing hillside.  This includes the lower Roberts parking area that is currently being used by FMS for storage and parking.  We will begin clearing and grubbing the hillside.  This includes the removal of the trees and mulching them.  This will continue for one week.
  • 12/10/12- Selected subcontractor for the Excavation and Shoring Bid Package(BP-01) mobilizes their trailers and equipment to the railroad lot.
  • 12/17/12- Work begins on the relocation of the 15" sanitary line.  This includes work on Roberts Drive adjacent to the salt shed.  The current plan is to start work on the hillside and during the winter break move up into Roberts Drive with the deep trenching.  The road will be plated when possible.  Work atop Roberts Drive will continue for two weeks.
  • 1/3/13- Retaining wall soldier pile drilling will begin and continue for two to three weeks.  Drilling from atop Roberts will be necessary.  This will at times limit access to Roberts Drive.  This will be closely coordinated with the salt shed usage, nitrogen refilling and deliveries to Hamerschlag Hall.
  • 1/21/13- Mass excavation will begin at the North Wing and will follow the progress of the shoring wall installation.
  • 2/4/13- Excavation and Shoring(BP-01) work is in its final stages of completion.  Jendoco prepares for the mobilization of the foundation bid package(BP-02), subcontractor to begin North Wing foundation and utility work.  An updated timeline will be issued for this scope of work.



Two separate sections of sidewalk along Roberts Drive will be removed, closing the sidewalk and center door along the road to Roberts Hall.  This area will be closed from 11/28 through 12/26.  The center door will be available for emergency egress only.  Detour signs will be posted at the south and north ends of the sidewalk.

Roberts Drive will be closed on weekends throughout December.  The schedule for closing is December 1, 7:00 AM until noon, December 8-9, December 15-16, and December 22-23 from 7:00 AM Saturday until 5:00 PM Sunday each week.  A trench will be cut across Roberts Drive for the installation of the new duct bank and steel plating will be installed for the weekday traffic.


Mobilization for work on the Hamerschlag Lean-to will begin Monday 11/19.  Work will begin in the F level of Hamerschlag, and occupants may experience intermittent periods of noise.  There will be a combination of mechanical duct work, water and stream piping, and electrical fixtures removed from the space. Some additional work will include Wean Hall 4505(drilling) and 3121(interior partition removal).  All efforts will be taken to reduce any noise during this work.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Excavation work done to Roberts drive this week is wrapping up, concrete will be poured Monday, and barriers will be removed Wednesday.


Excavation work along Wean Hall parking lot will resume today and tomorrow from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm each day.  Work is anticipated to be finished on Monday 11/12.  Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities.

Excavation work will be done on Roberts Drive and will continue throughout next week.  Due to safety requirements, sections of the sidewalk will be closed and pedestrians will be redirected around a construction barrier.  Work on Roberts drive will continue through next week, ending 11/19.  Pedestrians and traffic will be directed around the work area with cones and barriers during this time.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.


The design team will join the engineers and construction team on 11/5 and 11/8 to reconcile design choices.