Scott Hall Progress Photos - March 2012 -Campus Design and Facility Development - Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Hall progress Photos - March 2012


Exploratory work continues.  Site utilities are being located and identified.  Test holes are plotted and excavated with the help of previous campus surveys and historical data.  Once a utility is found, coordinates are shot and points are transferred and modeled into a 3D site model.

Mini On HillsideExposed Line 3.23.12


Starting today our project team will begin exploration work to locate approximate locations of site utilities in the hillside.  Throughout the next few weeks our CM, Jendoco, will be spot excavating on the hillside to locate the paths of storm, water, steam, and electrical lines which are located in the area.  A mini-excavator will be brought on site to facilitate the efficiency of locating utilities.

Efforts will be taken by our team to minimize any disruptions as much as possible.  Please watch for notices regarding future construction activities. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work.