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Sue-mei Wu Wu

Sue-mei Wu Wu

Teaching Professor of Chinese Studies Director of MA in Applied SLA, Modern Languages

  • Baker Hall 245-A
  • 412-268-5949
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


As an educator of Chinese studies my goal is to help students learn Chinese language and culture effectively and efficiently, and to make the learning process enjoyable for them. My teaching and research interests are linguistics, pedagogy, computer-assisted language learning, and the folk performance arts of China and Taiwan.

My research on Classical and Modern Chinese linguistics has addressed both syntax and semantics. Adopting the functional point of view, my work has investigated the coverbs in Classical Chinese, prototype theory and its relation to the use of Chinese classifiers (measure words). I have presented linguistics work at numerous conferences and have published several papers related to Classical and Modern Chinese linguistics and their application to language pedagogy.

In my over 18 years of Chinese teaching experience I have gained a well-rounded perspective of the challenges of Chinese language teaching and learning. These challenges have motivated me to contribute to the Chinese studies program through the development and delivery of new courses at all levels, the development of new textbook materials and the integration of online materials and tools into curriculum. I am the project leader and the lead author of the Chinese Link 中文天地 series, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall; co-author of Classical Chinese Primer 古文入門, published by Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press; co-author of a new set of learning materials: Keeping our Heritage 中國緣, specifically tailored for Chinese heritage learners; and the PI for various online projects including the Chinese Online courses (supported by NSF through PSLC).