Carnegie Mellon University

Alexa Woloshyn

Alexa Woloshyn

Assistant Professor of Musicology

Dr. Alexa Woloshyn is a musicologist whose research focuses on how electronic, physiological, and socio-cultural technologies mediate the creation and consumption of musical practices in both art and popular musics. She received a BMus from the University of Saskatchewan (History & Literature; French), MA Musicology from the University of Western Ontario, and a PhD Musicology from the University of Toronto.

Her book project focuses on the performance practice and reception of live electronic music in relation to the breakdown of traditional gesture-sound relationships. She argues that live electronic ensembles strive for the ‘humanized’ element in their performance practice, often with the primary motivation of helping the listener assess the musical value of the seemingly effortless physiological mediations of the sound technology.

In addition, Woloshyn researches Indigenous musicians’ use of mediating technologies to construct and interrogate notions of ‘modern’ Indigeneity. Musicians include DJ collective A Tribe Called Red, Inuit vocalist Tanya Tagaq, and Cree cellist Cris Derksen.

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