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Kenya Dworkin y Méndez

Kenya Dworkin y Méndez

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies with a Courtesy Appointment in English, Modern Languages

  • Porter Hall 125E
  • 412.268.8052
Address Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


My current research involves an analysis of the cultural and sociolinguistic survival of a unique Latin community in Ybor City, Florida through its tradition of Spanish-language and particularly Cuban theater. More specifically, the project also involves an analysis of the U.S. government's WPA Federal Theater Project during the 1930s and 1940s and its assimilatory goals with respect to the Spanish-speaking community in Ybor City.

Other projects I am involved with include 1) a sociolinguistic, ethnographic study of the circumstances surrounding the emigration of Puerto Ricans to Hawaii in the early twentieth century, 2) a psycholinguistic and cultural analysis of the literary production of Latino monolingual, bicultural writers, with particular attention to their strategies for conveying culture-specific concepts and realities that defy translation, and 3) an analysis of the self- contradicting discourse of identity and independence in late nineteenth- century and early twentieth-century Cuba as seen through literary, journalistic, artistic and epistolary forms of production, and their role in nation-building.