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Charlee Brodsky

Charlee Brodsky


Charlee Brodsky, a fine art documentary photographer and a Professor of Photography at Carnegie Mellon University, describes her work as dealing with social issues and beauty.

She was delighted to be chosen to be Pittsburgh’s Artist of the Year­ - 2012, an award given annually by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, a venerated arts organization in Pittsburgh. Her most recent book, From Mall Town to Mill Town, with writers Jim Daniels and Jane McCafferty, explores the former mill-town of Homestead, Pennsylvania where a shopping mall stands where smoke stacks stood. Her book, I Thought I Could Fly… Portraits of Anguish, Compulsion, and Despair, a collection of her photographs and personal narratives by people living with mental disorders, was published by Bellevue Literary Press in Spring 2008. Her book, Street, a collection of her photographs and Jim Daniels’ poems, published by Bottom Dog Press in 2005, won the Tillie Olsen Award in 2007 given by the Working Class Studies Association. In 2003, the University of Pittsburgh Press published Knowing Stephanie, a book about Stephanie Byram’s life with breast cancer featuring Brodsky’s photographs. This book was one of only eight books accepted in the illustrated book category of the American Association of University Press’ outstanding books of 2004 exhibition. In addition, in 2002 Brodsky received a regional Emmy with three others for her work on Stephanie, a documentary video.

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