Carnegie Mellon University

Harrison Apple

Harrison Apple

Artist in Residence, Center for the Arts in Society


Harrison Apple received his Bachelors of Global Studies and Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University, where he began his work in queer public history. His primary research is based at the intersections of class and sexuality among members of Pittsburgh's organized crime from the Post-War era to the close of the 1980s. Through ethnographic interviews and archiving, he is composing a history of gay male identity formation through the institutions of after-hours social clubs, colored with the unique geographic, social, and political history of Pittsburgh.

His work has been presented at CMU's Mosaic Conference, GCWS's Graduate Consortium "Clash Zones: Identities in (r)Evolution at MIT, and Global Solutions Pittsburgh's Global Challenges and Local Impacts: LGBTQI ISSUES at East Liberty's Union Project, as well as being featured in segments of Trans-Q Television, where he is an associate Producer and Writer.