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Post Gradescope Grades to Canvas 

Gradescope allows you to transfer the scores for an assignment into your Canvas course. To do this, follow the steps below. 

  1. Create a Canvas Assignment
  2. Link Your Assignment through Gradescope
  3. Post Grades to Canvas
  1. Create a Canvas Assignment.

Navigate to your Canvas course and Create an Assignment. From within the Edit Assignment page in Canvas, expand the “Submission Type” dropdown menu and select “No Submission[a].” Add any additional assignment details and then click “Save” or “Save and Publish.” Be sure to name your Canvas assignment the same as your Gradescope assignment. 

[Edit Assignment Settings Image]

  1. To link a Gradescope assignment to an existing Canvas course, navigate to the assignment in [b]Gradescope and click on the “Settings” option from the navigation menu.

[Gradescope Assignment Settings Image]

From the Settings page, click the “Link” button under the “Canvas Assignment” header.

[Gradescope Edit Assessment Image]

Select your Canvas assignment from the dropdown menu and click the “Link Assignment” button when finished.

Gradescope Dropdown Image

Gradescope will now show you that the assignment has successfully been linked. You also have the ability to change where you would like to link the assignment or unlink the assignment from Canvas, if you so choose.

Link Confirmation Image

3. When a Gradescope assignment is linked to a Canvas assignment, a button allowing you to post Grades to Canvas will appear in the “Review Grades” area of the Gradescope assignment.

[Post Grades Image]

[a]or "On Paper?"

[b]Best Practices: Weave throughout (Point value, assignment name)