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Sample Bequest Language

Include Carnegie Mellon in Your Estate Plan 

The following language can be used in your estate planning documentation: 

I give, devise and bequeath to Carnegie Mellon University, a non-profit educational corporation, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ____ percentage, or the sum of ___________, or the following asset(s) ____________, or the remainder of my estate, to be used for ______________________, subject to the approval of the president.

If, as a result of changed conditions in the future, the income or principal from this gift shall not be needed for the purposes set forth, the president of Carnegie Mellon University is authorized to designate the use of the funds as will best further the objectives and welfare of the university, while giving primary consideration to the special interest of the donor as evidenced in the above statement.

Optional Provisions
1. Endowment for General Purposes of the University
the income only to be used for the general purposes of the university at the discretion of the president.

2. Restricted Endowment for a Specific School or Department
the income only to be used for unrestricted purposes at the following school or department ______________.

3. Named Endowed Scholarship or Fellowship Fund
the income only to be used to provide scholarships for undergraduate, or graduate student(s) at Carnegie Mellon who qualify for financial aid. The amount of the award and selection of the recipient(s) will be determined by the president, or his/her designate.

4. Distinguished Professorship Endowment
the income only to be used to establish a named distinguished professorship at the following school ______________.

Please direct your bequest questions to:

Christine Tebes
Carnegie Mellon University
6 PPG Place 14th floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222