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Carnegie Mellon and Your Estate Plan

Create a Legacy: Remember Carnegie Mellon in Your Estate 

Realized Bequests
Carnegie Mellon has been the recipient of bequests, both large and small, from many generous alumni and friends over the years. These donors felt that they needed the assets during their lifetimes, but found it possible to link themselves forever with the ongoing life of the university by making bequests through their estate plans. The value of a bequest is deductible in determining a taxable estate for estate tax purposes.

The planned giving staff is happy to send you sample bequest language that you may share with your attorney. The following are some of the ways alumni have remembered Carnegie Mellon in their wills:

  • Percentage of the estate, or a specific dollar amount
  • A particular stock, bond, or piece of real estate
  • Naming the university as remainderman of the estate after family and friends are provided for
  • Stipulating that the university will benefit from a portion of the estate if certain beneficiaries predecease the donor
Bequest Intentions
Carnegie Mellon encourages the documentation of bequest intentions. Our bequest acknowledgment form (.pdf) is available for you to download and complete. Our bequest intention guidelines (.pdf) will help you determine the type of gift and recognition you may receive.