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Charitable Gift Annuity

Fixed Income that Begins Immediately

The charitable gift annuity is a wonderful way of acknowledging the importance of the university in your education and career, while retaining a quarterly income. Since quarterly income is paid for life, the age of the beneficiary(s) must be 65 or older.

Due to the administrative costs borne by the university, the minimum gift requirement is $25,000.

The income from a charitable gift annuity is fixed at the time of the gift, and does not vary over the life of the beneficiary. With the volatility of the economy and interest rates, this type of gift assures the donor of an exact annual income that can be counted on.

The chart below gives you a quick idea of the payout rate and charitable deduction for a single beneficiary, based on a gift of $25,000. Carnegie Mellon follows the rates set by the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA), a national organization that employs actuaries to set payout rates for charities across the country. Rates vary monthly.

Annual Income Charitable Deduction
$1,325 (5.3% of $25,000) $7,770
$1,575 (6.3% of $25,000)
$2,025 (8.1% of $25,000)
$2,375 (9.5% of $25,000)

Please contact Christine Tebes to learn more about charitable gift annuities.