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  • Carnegie Institute of Technology

    Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT) is one of the foremost engineering schools in the world. Because of its emphasis on interdisciplinary research and partnerships with industry, CIT produces graduates who are able to transfer their engineering knowledge into industrial practice. 


    • Dean's Innovation Fund

      The Dean's Innovation Fund is a collective fund used at the discretion of CIT. Contributions help ensure the excellence of the overall educational and research operations of the college.Give Now »

      Biomedical Engineering Fund

      The Biomedical Engineering Fund supports a young department extending the tradition of converging physical, chemical, mathematical, biological sciences and engineering to meet challenges in medicine. It's leading advancements in facilitating tissue formation and stem cell differentiation; developing techniques for biomedical research; and applying technologies for improving human health, rehabilitation, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.Give Now »

      Chemical Engineering Fund

      The Chemical Engineering Fund provides general support to a world leader in process optimization and design. With a $27 million renovation nearing completion, the department is using its new facilities for major educational and research initiatives in process systems engineering; complex fluid engineering; bioengineering; envirochemical engineering; and solid state materials.Give Now »

      Civil and Environmental Engineering Fund

      The Civil and Environmental Engineering Fund provides overall support for a department that is critical to preparing students to handle today’s complex environmental challenges in the built- and natural-environment. Major educational and research areas for the department include sustainable and intelligent infrastructure systems; water and air quality; computational modeling of engineering materials; and environmentally sustainable or green engineering practices.Give Now »

      Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund

      The Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund provides general support to the largest department in CIT. A partner in many global research and educational programs, ECE focuses on the building of systems for sensing, storing, computing, communicating and securing information. ECE comprises areas such as cybersecurity; mobility systems; energy systems; computer architecture; information storage; networking; circuit design; nano-enabled technologies; and device fabrication.Give Now »

      Engineering and Public Policy Fund (EEP)

      Working on policy issues where the technical details really matter, EPP has a comparative advantage because of its interdisciplinary focus, making it a world leader in its field. The EPP fund supports a department with major research and educational initiatives in four broad areas: energy and environmental policy; information and communication security and policy; health risk assessment and analysis; and management of technical innovation.Give Now »

      Information Networking Institute Fund

      The Information Networking Institute (INI) Fund will provide support for continued excellence in professional graduate degree programs in information networking, information security, information technology and mobility, which integrate technologies, economics and policies of secure communication networks. INI transnational partnership programs in Europe and Asia have become a paragon for international education within Carnegie Mellon and around the world.Give Now »

      Materials Science and Engineering Department Fund

      The Materials Science and Engineering Department Fund will ensure the excellence of a program with a long and distinguished tradition in materials education and research. The department provides an interdisciplinary education that advances innovation in the technological materials useful to society.Give Now »

      Mechanical Engineering Fund

      The Mechanical Engineering Fund provides support for a recognized leader in mechanical engineering education and research. The department offers an integrated approach to the field that allows students to delve into research areas such as computational engineering, design, energy, the environment, manufacturing, nanotechnology, controls/robotics and transportation.Give Now »

      Silicon Valley Campus

      The CMU Silicon Valley Fund supports our entrepreneurial campus located in Moffett Field, California. The campus focus on software education in technical and management tracks, as well as research in mobility, reflects the agile and innovative environment of the surrounding Bay Area.Give Now »
  • College of Fine Arts

    Founded in 1905, the College of Fine Arts (CFA) was the first comprehensive arts learning institution in the country. It's comprised of a community of nationally and internationally recognized artists and professionals in five schools — architecture, art, design, drama and music — and two units — The Miller Gallery and The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. 


    • CFA Dean's Innovation Fund

      The CFA Dean's Innovation Fund ensures the excellence of a federation of schools with professional training programs in the visual and performing arts — where intensive training and the university setting enrich practice. The college shares numerous research projects, interdisciplinary centers and educational programs with other units across the university.Give Now »

      School of Architecture Fund

      The mission of Carnegie Mellon's School of Architecture is to educate outstanding professionals with design creativity, social responsibility, historical perspective, technical leadership and global environmental consciousness. Offering exemplary graduate programs in building performance, architecture-engineering-construction management and tangible interaction design, the school's range of faculty and programs offer a unique opportunity to build a creative, multi-disciplinary approach to architecture.Give Now »

      School of Art Fund

      Carnegie Mellon School of Art is a creative learning environment where accomplished professionals and emerging talent come together to explore and experiment in traditional media and new art forms, and to develop the knowledge, skills, critical inquiry and commitment necessary to succeed as innovative, informed and socially relevant artists.Give Now »

      School of Design Fund

      The School of Design integrates hands-on learning and theoretical practice in a unique design paradigm serving and improving human interaction through innovative solutions. The school promotes both individual expression and global consciousness in classes that serve and foster interdisciplinary collaboration across the university.Give Now »

      School of Drama Fund

      The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Fund offers an exclusive model of theatre education: a conservatory-within-a-university that emphasizes creativity and intellectualism, culture and collaboration, traditional practice and fusion art forms. The school claims countless celebrities as alumni and has been creating leaders in the field since 1914.Give Now »

      School of Music Fund

      The School of Music combines one-on-one instruction, a tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration and comprehensive music pedagogy that empowers students to succeed as artists, professionals and teachers. Alumni perform in major professional orchestras and chamber music groups, as well as great opera houses and theatres, and work behind the scenes as composers and teachers, shaping the global musical landscape of today and tomorrow.Give Now »

      Miller Gallery

      The Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University is the university’s public art gallery. The three-story, 9,000 square foot gallery has supported the creation, understanding and growth of international, contemporary art through exhibitions, projects, lectures, events and publications since 2000.Give Now »

      Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

      The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry is a center for experimental enterprises and a flexible laboratory for new modes of arts research, production and presentation. The STUDIO supports atypical, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional investigations and outreach initiatives at the intersections of arts, sciences, technology and culture.Give Now »
  • Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    The Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC) has achieved international prominence with its distinctive departments — characterized by outstanding research and teaching faculty, as well as interdisciplinary courses and programs with an increasingly international dimension. 


    • Dietrich College General Support Fund

      The Dietrich College General Support Fund ensures the excellence of a college that has achieved international prominence with its seven distinctive departments — characterized by outstanding research and teaching faculty and interdisciplinary courses and programs with an increasingly international dimension.Give Now »
  • Tepper School of Business

    The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon is a pioneer in the field of management science and analytical decision making. The school's academic offerings include undergraduate studies in business and economics, graduate studies in business administration and financial engineering, and doctoral studies. 


    • Tepper Annual Fund

      The Tepper Annual Fund provides support for one of the leading business programs in the world. Recognized for its pioneering role in the creation of management science, the Tepper School has six Nobel laureates as part of its faculty legacy, an achievement matched by only one other business school in the world. Strategic areas of strength include environment and energy economics, finance, monetary policy, operations research and management, organizational behavior and marketing analytics, among others.Give Now »
  • H. John Heinz III College

    The Heinz College has gained international recognition for working at the intersection of information systems, management and public policy — an approach without parallel anywhere in the world. 


    • Heinz College General Support Fund

      The Heinz College General Support Fund supports the excellence of a college that provides students with the skills needed to transform institutions and nations. A college without departments, Heinz integrates faculty across degree programs and disciplines, and students and faculty focus on addressing relevant world problems.Give Now »
  • Mellon College of Science

    Pioneering fields like biotechnology, cosmology, green chemistry, computational finance, neuroscience and biological physics, the Mellon College of Science (MCS) fosters strong interdisciplinary interactions with other faculty and students. The school consists of four departments: biological sciences, chemistry, mathematical sciences and physics. 


    • Mellon College of Science General Support Fund

      The MCS General Support Fund ensures the excellence of researchers who are taking leadership roles in their fields.Give Now »
  • School of Computer Science

    The School of Computer Science (SCS) faculty and graduates have advanced the field of computer science for more than 50 years. Interdisciplinary educational and research practices extend into areas far beyond the traditional boundaries of computer science. 


    • School of Computer Science General Support Fund

      The School of Computer Science General Support Fund ensures the school will build upon its preeminence in the field of computer science by giving SCS leadership the ability to meet existing needs and to invest in strategic areas of interest to the school's future. Departments and institutions include: Computer Science, Machine Learning, the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the Institute for Software Research, the Language Technologies Institute and the Robotics Institute.Give Now »
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