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Friday, February 17, 2012

Lot Studios
1041 N. Formosa Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046

More than 400 Carnegie Mellon alumni and friends joined President Jared L. Cohon and a panel of leading experts for an evening of networking and discussion about the worlds of entertainment, artificial intelligence, robotics and technology.

Panel Discussion

How do Hollywood's robots stack up to CMU's real-life innovations? Where's the line between fiction and reality? Are we at the dawn of a new robot era? What will the future hold for robotic technologies shaping our lives? Don't miss your chance to join the conversation.

  • Howie Choset
    Professor, Robotics Institute
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jodi Forlizzi
    Associate Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute and School of Design
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Don Marinelli (moderator)
    Executive Producer, Entertainment Technology Center
    Professor, Drama and Arts Management
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Daniel H. Wilson (CS'03, '04, '05)
    Alumnus and Author
    How to Survive a Robot Uprising and Robopocalypse (soon to be a Steven Spielberg film)