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Videos providing an overview of Inspire Innovation: The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon are listed below.

Also check out videos spotlighting key innovations in the following areas: Global Society and Economy; Health and Wellness; Energy, Environment and Sustainability; Artistic Inquiry; and Next Generation Computing.

Inspire Innovation VideoInspire Innovation

On Friday, October 24, 2008 Carnegie Mellon University announced the public phase of "Inspire Innovation: The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University." Narrated by alumnus Ted Danson. Watch video »

Supporting Today's Students VideoSupporting Today's Students

Our students have big dreams. And every day they're turning their dreams into reality with the help of CMU donors. Watch video »

Campaign Events Testimonials VideoCampaign Event Testimonials

Attendees at Inspire Innovation events share their thoughts on the evening and why they feel the campaign is important for Carnegie Mellon. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Erin Fitzgerald, Teresa Allison, Philip Columbus, Steven Woyicki, Arnold Blinn, Lisa Walton, Blake Engel, Manu Kumar, Richard Avil, Jonathan Betz, David Lingren, Garima Mittal, Gordon Ward, Judi Vitale.

Our Unique Culture VideoOur Unique Culture

Carnegie Mellon exemplifies innovation and leadership through a culture unlike any other university. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Ray Lane, Stephanie Palmer, Terry Collins, Edward Rubin, Marcel Just, Takeo Kanade, Betty Mbom, Jennifer Elisseeff, Alessandro Acquisti, Marvin Goodfriend, Lucian Caste, Randy Pausch.

Leaders of the Future VideoLeaders of the Future

As a leader of reasearch and education in multiple fields, Carnegie Mellon solves real world problems. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Al Gore, Rick McCullough, Bruce McWilliams, Luis von Ahn, Darbi Roberts, Chris DeFrancesco, Andrew Werner, Candace Brekka.


Faculty and students discuss how donor support has impacted their experience at Carnegie Mellon University. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Terry Colins, Anne Mundell, Beverley Wheeler, Candace Brekka, Tom Mitchell, Granger Morgan, Illah Nourbakhsh, Golan Levin, Robert Murphy, Andrew Werner, Eric Blood, Heather Bernard.

Scholarships & FellowshipsScholarships & Fellowships

Carnegie Mellon students talk about how they have been impacted by scholarships and fellowships. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Heather Bernard, James Harrell, Amal El-Ghazaly, Peter Huggins, Prerna Singh, Amanda Gobaud, Eric Blood, Nolan Kurtz, Jackie Sizemore.


Carnegie Mellon alumni on why they continue to be involved with the university and what they gain from this relationship. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Richard Creech, Beverley Wheeler, Darbi Roberts, Dan Green, Luis von Ahn, Gaius Charles, Kris Dahl.

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