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Health and Wellness

Marcel Just

Brain Imaging and Machine Learning

Professor of psychology Marcel Just and professor of artificial intelligence Tom Mitchell demonstrate how they are using brain imaging and machine learning to predict a subjects thoughts. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Marcel Just, Tom Mitchell.

Ray Lane

Computational Biology

Carnegie Mellon trustee Ray Lane and professor of biological sciences and biomedical engineering Robert Murphy explain how the Ray and Stephanie Lane Center for Computational Biology can help combat and eventually cure cancer. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Ray Lane, Robert Murphy.

Sheldon Cohen

Mind-Body Medicine

Professor of psychology Sheldon Cohen explains the link between stress and more severe cold symptoms. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Sheldon Cohen.

Takeo Kanade

Quality of Life Technologies

Takeo Kanade, professor of robotics and computer science, and James Osborn, executive director of the Quality of Life Technology center, talk about how the center is developing technology to help people live independently. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Takeo Kanade, James Osborn.