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Energy, Environment, Sustainability

Dave Dzombak

Campus Environmental Initiatives

Dave Dzombak, professor of civil and environmental engineering, discusses some of Carnegie Mellon's environmental initiatives such as the Steinbrenner Institute. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Dave Dzombak.

Terry Collins

Green Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry Terry Collins talks about using green chemistry to clean water. Watch video »

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Granger Morgan

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Granger Morgan, department head and professor of engineering and public policy, is working on strategies to reduce and ultimately eliminate carbon emissions. Watch video »

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Rick McCullough

Solar Technologies

Vice president of research Rick McCullough discusses how Carnegie Mellon can play a key role in solar technologies for the future. Watch video »

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Electricity Industry Center

Professor of engineering and public policy Jay Apt and professor of economics Lester Lave discuss the Electricity Industry Center at Carnegie Mellon University. The Center has merges engineering, economics, risk analysis, decision science to study the inherently interdisciplinary problems of the electricity industry. Watch video »

Featured in this video: Jay Apt, Lester Lave.